All you need to know about Typewriter

Do Not act so surprised, Your Highness.

You were not on any mercy mission this time. I Would like to understand what In my experience, there is not any such thing as fortune. I wish to come with you to Alderaan.
There is nothing for me here today. I Would like to know the ways of the Force and become a Jedi,
Still, she has a great deal of spirit. I really don’t understand, what do you think? What!? I really don’t understand what
You are talking about.
Alderaan– Exactly what good is a reward if you ain’t about to use it?
It was my mum who instructed me to write. She’d never call herself a writer, in the
Same manner that she’d not call herself an artist, however she carved intricate images for
Print-making and embroidered breath-taking scenes mountains and seas and wheat Early each morning, while it was still dark, she had
Create herself tea and sit in her armchair, filling journals with sweeping, sometimes I always understood that even her shopping lists — butter, sour cream,
Blueberries– have been a work of art. After working on a piece that was with her for a
Couple of weeks, and having gone through various phases of rough drafts, She’d lug her
Old 1985 Olivetti typewriter up the creaky wooden steps out of our cellar and set it on
The dining area table.
Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was an honest, hardworking, humble young
Lady. She had a good job, enough to eat, and a clean place to live. Her life was
Fine, but not really that exciting.
typewriter. It was a little dusty, but when washed off, it shown itself to be a gleaming
Colour of scarlet, and it barely showed any sign of wear. The young girl fell in love
With all the texture of its keys under her fingers, the click it created when she pushed them,
Along with the mildly musty perfume it emitted. Her mind conjured images of idle Sunday
Afternoons spent spinning yarns, a symphony of audible words and letters filling her
Flat, of endless cups of tea and comfy sweaters. What might be more rewarding
than time spent crafting stories.
The image speaks for itself really… I purchased a typewriter! It is a beautiful teal colored
Smith Corona Super G Ghia Typewriter, circa 1970. In all honesty, the title does not
Mean much to me personally, I brought it mainly based on its color and also the fact that it had been within
my budget! I’ve had a scout around on the internet and the model also comes in bright
orange, which is just as pretty but three times the price! Anyhow, after I watched the
pictures of it on eBay, I fell very much in love with it, so I wasted no time in making it
So, I figure I’ll Begin by answering the question that everyone asks me Once I tell them
‘hey, I only purchased a typewriter’, which is: why? Well, it’s pretty simple actually.
The open mics gained a Growing Number of attention and continued until finally local
Musicians began joining Tim on platform. Typewriter Tim shortly became a favorite club act,
Packing rooms with concert-goers eagerly waiting to watch this peculiar artist with a
Typewriter playing together to live musicians.

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