SmartBoard: – Self Balancing Scooter

The EPIKGO is a off-road hoverboard which has innovative design attributes. Like all
Another manufacturers on our list of the best hoverboards available, it is UL 2272 certified, and
Totally protected.
What struck us immediately was that the size of this hoverboard. The Massive standing pads
Provide more stability, while the 8.5″ wheels enable you to overcome the roughest terrains.
Hoverboard in a very steep incline or above big cracks and cracks.
After spending some time with the plank, we figure that the EPIKGO is a very
Interesting hoverboard for Men and Women who Wish to squeeze a little more practicality from
Their gadget, at the cost of weight and portability. It is so powerful so the
Explanation why it climbs relatively steep grounds (18 levels) without losing balance.
The maker claims that the motors 80 percent more powerful than that which other two-
Wheel balancing scooters are all using. It is a Quick charging and
Longer life batterylife. It will be fully charged in two hours and give you a run of 10-12 milesper hour It
Is so paramount to make replacement with the Exact Same battery to guarantee continued
The hoverboard includes a powerful dual 400w motor which Permits You to climb up to 15-
Levels with ease.
With astonishing levels of security and performance, it is ready to go for almost any Kind of
Travel you want to make. 8.5″ Rubber Tires can navigate many terrains effortlessly
This well-built hoverboard was made to continue. The hoverboard will take you via
Almost any tough terrain with ease.
Great grip on sand, gravel, grass or pavements which permits you to travel everywhere.
Board is very good for people who are inexperienced and that wish to try out hover-boarding. It’s
Almost 2x more powerful and 30% bigger than the leading competitor meaning more foot
Distance, a more secure ride and more control.
Solidness and water resistance, and that means that you can go on almost any terrain.
EPIKGO plank has been examined and handed 159 times, ensuring security, so there is not any
Fear for potential fire hazards.
Buy it for $499.99.
Hoverboards have continued to dominate the marketplace. And in order to Satisfy the growing
Need for a better experience and more lasting Solution, producers are constantly
Unveiling better and newer products.
Is your off-road riding. Initially, people used the two-wheeled scooters mainly around the
Sidewalk, sidewalks, and driveways, which all feature smooth asphalt or concrete.
But, many now wish to venture into the unbeaten paths and rocky terrains.
To do this, they require better accessories which may tolerate the tough terrains, uneven
Surfaces, more vulnerability to the components, increased shocks and vibrations and still
Possess similar or greater experience like riding on smoother surfaces. The best choice is away
Street Hoverboards. While it is a quick, competent hoverboard, the EPIKGO feels just a little less
Agile than its 6.5″ counterparts: having bigger wheels signifies that your centre of gravity
If your EPIKGO is not working correctly there are a number of things that you can do. First begin A Difficult reset can be done by finding the power
That your board has sufficient battery power prior to riding. If nothing Appears to help your
Issue please get at
The EPIKGO has obtained the highest standard in relation to security after
Successfully becoming UL 2272 Certified; assuring customers that fire and
Electrical dangers aren’t a factor. Besides being milder, EPIKGO stands outside
Since its lasting build helps it handle virtually any obstacle in its own way.
Traveling through grass, sand, dirt and sand with this new device built to go
Everywhere and perform more.

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